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MCEECDYA's Learning in an Online World publication identifies that 'from birth, students of the current generation inhabit and navigate a highly technological world.'

The national Early Years Learning Framework Outcome 4 'Children are confident and involved learners' includes the use of technologies in children's learning experiences. Children 'experiment with different technologies' and 'use information and communication technologies (ICT) to investigate and problem solve'.

This theme page provides resources, recommended sites and case studies, to assist in the integration of ICT in early childhood education.

All kinds of ICT resources for the early years

Teachers TV: Early years in action
A video on  integrating ICT in teaching and learning.

iPod Touch Project
Students particpated in learning activities using the touch iPods.

KidSmart guide to early learning and technology
Conversations, teacher tips, and lesson plans submitted by teachers.

Cybersmart: young kids
Internet safety advice and activities.

Avatar Generators
A collection of avatar generators, accompanied by a video on how to print screen and crop pictures.

Early ICT
Activities and resources for early years using various technologies.

45 interesting ways to use your pocket video camera in the classroom
Lots of ideas presented in a slideshow.

25 interesting ways to use Voicethread in the classroom
Examples of ways teachers have used Voicethread.

Voicethread community library
Examples of Voicethread projects in different curriculum areas.

Education Apps review
A collection of videos and information about apps for the iPad.

Photo Story notes
An easy guide to using Photo Story.

Windows Movie Maker 2 tutorial
A step-by-step video guide to Movie Maker.

Ten ways to use your Edublog
Tips on ways to use a blog.

OzProjects provide space and support to educators to develop their own online project.

Recommended site

Interactive learning in the early phase: something that begins with play
The Interactive Learning in the Early Phase section of the Queensland ICT Learning Innovation Centre website, provides Early Phase educators with the support they need to make ICTs integral to learning. The site includes a large collection of PDF tutorials and Watch and Learn Demonstrations, interactive resources created by other teachers, and a discussion list with updates about events and new online resources.

Related theme page

Bee-Bots are programmable floor robots that have been purpose-built for use with early phase and primary students.


OzProjects is a dynamic and interactive website for online projects.  The projects encourage teachers and students to collaborate and share knowledge and resources.