Bee-Bots - floor robots

playing with a Bee-Bot

Bee-Bots are programmable floor robots that have been purpose-built for use with early phase and primary students.
Activities include:

  • counting
  • number
  • measurement
  • estimation
  • direction
  • language activities.

Their features include: sounds and flashing eyes that let students know that their instructions have been entered; the ability to remember up to 40 instructions / steps entered by students; the ability to move accurately in 15cm steps and to turn in 90° increments; bright buttons for the students to use to input instructions; a friendly and happy design that appeals to young learners.

Online resources

Bee-Bots downunder
A group of teachers contribute to this blog about using the programmable floor robots in an early years classroom, across curriculum areas. Downloadable lesson plans and resources are provided.

Get the buzz on bee-bots
This website provides information and resources for using bee-bots in early years education.

My Beebot
This shared blog describes teacher ideas and class activities with Bee-Bots. Activities support maths and literacy.

Robotics: Bee-Bots
This site explores the potential, barriers and challenges for their use in the classroom. Suggestions are made for their use in numeracy, literacy, the arts, and science.

Bee-bot resources
This website provides a collection of downloadable resources for activities using Bee-Bots.

Counting activity

This video from an Icelandic kindergarten (Furugrund Leikskoli) shows children using a Bee-Bot in a simple counting activity.